American Express OptBlue

Amex OptBlue
For years, merchants who wanted to accept American Express would receive one statement for their Visa, MasterCard, and Discover transactions, and another for their AMEX transactions. They would also be subject to high AMEX fees.
This has all changed, thanks to the American Express OptBlue program.


One Deposit. One Statement.

American Express OptBlue merchants get seamless integration and receive one deposit and one statement from Central Payment. There’s no payment infrastructure overhaul and no changing of merchant account providers.

No more high rates.

With OptBlue, we can eliminate the traditional Amex start-up cost, monthly fees and commitment. Now, we can offer you the same reasonable and competitive rates as we do for the other card types.

Grow your customer reach.

Adding the American Express logo to your website or window will help you attract more customers and sales. And Amex customers tend to spend 10-20% more than the average credit card user. Boost sales by accepting more.

Merchants who process more than $1 million in American Express sales are not eligible for OptBlue, but can still accept American Express through Central Payment. Please talk with your Central Payment agent to learn more.